Why Gratitude?
In her book “The How of Happiness”  Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky states that gratitude is now scientifically credited with very key life benefits. It is something we can, and should, expect to experience on a daily basis. The process is very simple to perform starting with a commitment to maintaining a daily gratitude journal. Research identifies that journaling for five minutes a day can enhance our long-term happiness by over 10%. Personally speaking, I’m not sure I can guarantee feeling that much better every day, but I do feel that this bot is encouraging me to approach gratitude almost like a part of some mental health routine … and I certainly feel it improving and maintaining my overall wellbeing


Why "In The Moment"?

Having been involved with interactive software for sometime, I have come to realise that by observing my thoughts and feelings in the moment (when my choices are still fluid), rather than in retrospect (where my choices have been made) I am able to make better choices and take better actions than I otherwise might take. From experience I have found even a momentary break in the often automatic sequence of trigger > emotion > cognition > action, can bring significant advantages.

Why Chatbots?

Chatbot’s are the latest iteration of interactive software. They allow often complex processes to be performed simply over a wide range of devices, and perform a series of functions. In this instance, our bot performs two.

Why Chatbots and Massive, Mundane, Miserable?

The first function for our bot requires the user to simply run it whenever they experience a moment of gratitude. The bot encourages them to not only look for “massive” moments of gratitude, but also look for equally important moments in “mundane” or “miserable” moments. These last two situations are key in helping the user learn and practice positive coping strategies.

Why Chatbots and Feeling, Thinking, Doing
Following on from massive, mundane, miserable, our bot takes the user through a short guided thinking sequence where they explore their gratitude and how it’s making them feel and think. This is a powerful process that tends to break the automatic sequencing of cause and effect on the user and encourages them to explore their next actions and what they would like to do as a result.
Why Email Journaling?

Research identifies that journaling for five minutes a day can enhance our long-term happiness by over 10%. Chatbot’s not only enable in the moment journaling , but optionally email the session to the user so it can be saved in a form resembling a traditional retrospective gratitude journal.  This is key in helping them build a evidence base of improvement and successes. The bot session is then deleted from the platform.