December Gratitude



Gratitude helps things get better … and stay that way

To be honest, gratitude is something that I’ve had periods not engaging with simply because things were really pretty horrible .. no less so than this year, and where feeling grateful was the last thing on my mind. However, over time I have come to revisit my perception of gratitude being something we only feel occasionally, when something really good happens, usually by chance!

The start was a recommendation of “The How of Happiness” by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, where a very different picture is painted. She states that gratitude is now scientifically credited with very key life benefits. It is something we can, and should, expect to experience on a daily basis.The process is very simple to perform starting with a commitment to maintaining a daily gratitude journal.

This is where my ears pricked up as an opportunity to further test the observations I made while exploring new ways of deploying AppsForWellbeing using interactive Chatbots. In short I realised that by using a bot to help me observe my thoughts and feelings in the moment (when my choices are still fluid), rather than in retrospect (where my choices have been made) I am able to make better choices and take better actions than I otherwise might.

Research identifies that journaling for five minutes a day can enhance our long-term happiness by over 10%. I’m not sure I can guarantee feeling that much better every day, but I do feel that this bot is encouraging me to approach gratitude almost like a part of some mental health routine … and I certainly feel it improving and maintaining my overall wellbeing.

So in contemplating a constructive way to celebrate the end of 2020, I decided to put a simple campaign together to introduce some of my favorite benefits of gratitude, and to invite you to give the Chatbot a try for yourself. All you need to do is keep this page open and scroll down in a moment of gratitude!

Please remember that it’s in very early development, so be gentle! More importantly this is not in any way a substitute for professional mental health services!



Please take a moment to bring your attention into this moment and onto the gratitude you are experiencing right now. Click when you are ready to begin
You can refer to our help / FAQ section at any time in your session by clicking the (?) button above. It will explain a little more about what the bot is doing and why.