December Gratitude

Gratitude Reality Check

My Back Story

I’m going be honest that I started out in life more as a unhappy pessimist. I wasn’t happy about being unhappy so tried things like PMA and unconditional gratitude as a way of improving things … every time I crashed out, increasingly of the opinion that “it’s just plain unhuman to be grateful about everything all the time


Reality Check

One very dark, depressed day came a realisation that these days are always going to happen and I’m going to be defenceless against them, unless I can find something … anything to lift my spirits. Again … if I can find one small thing to feel grateful about, then I stand a chance of winning over the horrors of my day

I decided to keep a gratitude diary. I was startled to note that as soon as I find something small to feel grateful about, other helpful things start to kick in like figuring the problem out, working out a sensible next step. Something always comes along that helps me make it a better day. For me, that is the reality of gratitude


Try This

(1) Scroll down to find the hybrid of my diary … our confidential gratitude bot (2) keep an eye out for anything that makes you grateful today … remember to start with the very small things (3) as soon as something happens run the bot and see how YOU have the ability to make this a better day.


Please take a moment to bring your attention into this moment and onto the gratitude you are experiencing right now. Click when you are ready to begin
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