Welcome to our work in progress page. It’s designed to change over time. It’s the place where you can preview your site and app, ask friends for comments and generally see your project progress through it’s phases.


  • Your website is responsive – which means it’s designed to display on devices of all sizes. I encourage to do so, but please ensure you start with viewing on a PC type screen so you can see the full effect!

Below is a very basic layout of your current page as promised. I’ve avoided adding the decoration of quotes and images as I wanted to first introduce you to the kind of “grid” layout that we want to start with.¬†Our main drive at this point is to start thinking about the progression of your visitor through your story … from your proposition & qualification (what your offering to give them and the reason why they should trust you) to the key features of your service and the benefit they will get. It’s at that point that we can start to introduce quotes to support your message and then calls to action.

Please remember that this only stands a suggestion to get the ball rolling & ideas flowing. Please step in with your ideas and suggestions as they arise.


I thought it might help if I took the above and added some styling. There’s much that we can do there, but I hope it might help to see how we could present your content in different ways.


  • “solutions” below should read “options”

App Notes

This is an example of what could be downloaded should your visitor respond to call to action 1. This is unchanged from our meeting at this point.

  • to view menu : click on the icon in the top left
  • to scroll up/down the menu : hover your mouse over menu and use the thumb wheel on your mouse