There’s probably a name for it, maybe a “TweetStrand” or “TwitterFlurry”, basically a post, usually with image that creates a ripple of interaction, by people for whom the post resonates. It’s either something profound, or some empowering self-talk, a gem of knowledge. I was musing the other day how this is the modern version of a page in my little book … rather a page in their little book.

Then I started playing with the idea of a community written App. A resource created by Anxiety sufferers & professionals in the Twitter community for Anxiety sufferers in the community. I started brainstorming the possibilities and it’s pretty jaw dropping what we could get up to.

A key to it is that it shouldn’t be a burden to people. It could be as simple as tweeting an idea. People vote on it. If enough like it, we add it then everybody gets the benefit of it.

An example might be a yoga practitioner who has a really effective breathing technique for relaxation. They offer it for the app. If enough like it, the community gets the benefit of an effective technique, the practitioner gets the benefit of a little extra attention.

Another example could be someone who has an affirmation that really works for them and sadness. They offer, people like, and it’s now on the app where more can benefit from it rather than slipping away in the Twitter Stream.

As said, there is a lot of features that could be added over time, but I’m keen to focus on the core idea right now … community members contributing to help community members

If you like the idea, and think it will be of value, I’d ask that you’d consider filling out the following brief questionnaire, to help me come up with a few example pages of how the content might look.