I currently have 10 Twitter friends, including you, running this version of the app. If enough of you like the idea and are able to feed content back we could let things grow for a couple of weeks, where after I’d update the app and we could all take stock of what we have. If we like, we could either just repeat the process inviting more numbers to join us, or we could take whatever steps we felt best to take at that time.

I’ll make no secret that this is a very casual project that’s highly work in progress (trust me, you wouldn’t normally go about building an app this way)  I think it’s fantastic how the message “this has got to change” is now starting to get through. But I also feel this needs to be followed up by action – by making change.

I have no idea if this venture will work, but hell let’s give it a go. If we end up helping people then fantastic, if it ends up going bang, maybe we’ll learn something along the way that can start something better. Either way, at least we’ll be trying.

Thank you for your interest to date (trust me, I really do appreciate it). If you want to carry on then great … let’s go make mistakes! If not, thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in the Twitter Space soon.


My best to you all

Giles XxXx