December Gratitude

What About Realistic Gratitude?


In my previous post I introduced some of the common problems that many report with practising gratitude … especially in difficult times. I then alluded to an approach which I find helpful. A number of you reached out asking me to go into a little more detail

Introducing Realistic Gratitude

Realistic gratitude is a 4 step process that both accepts what’s happening to us while fostering helpful responses. Goes like this …

  1. accept what is happening
  2. understand that this is not about trying to deny what you are experiencing
  3. but equally realise our natural propensity to fixate on unhelpful things
  4. therefore do your best look for moments in your day where you can find something small to feel good about or thankful for

All this helps break our rumination patterning and encourages us to start formulating helpful coping strategies. The key takeaway is that the more you practise it, the easier it gets


Try This

Scroll down and use our confidential gratitude bot to try a little realistic gratitude. Let me know how you find it.


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